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Educational Opportunities

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Sunday, July 30, 2023  - 9:00 EDT/14:00 BST/18:30 IST. WFPI-SPIN Study Day

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Don't miss this session on pediatric head and neck imaging!






Link to video:  ISMRM-WFPI Virtual Meeting:  Principles and Practice of Pediatric MRI Safety 
  • Introduction - Moderators: Dianna Bardo (ISMRM) and Carlos Ugas (WFPI)
  • 2:48: Building an MR Quality Program - Michael Gee, MD, PhD
  • 29:47: Non-Sedation Practices in Pediatric MRI - Mary-Louise Greer, MBBS, FRANZCR
  • 59.46: MR Safety in a Children’s Hospital: Challenges and Solutions - Ruth O’Gorman Tuura, PhD
  • 1:27:01: Gadolinium vs. No Gadolinium: Options in Pediatric MRI - Joanna Kasznia-Brown, PhD, MBBS., FRCR, MRCS
    Event recorded on 12 December 2022. 
Link to video coming soon.
ISMRM-WFPI Virtual Meeting: Pediatric MRI Safety Part 2

 Speakers:  Dianna Bardo, Phillipa Bridgen, Jeremy Herrington & Jad Husseini, MD and Kish Mankad.

Event recorded on July 12, 2023

Educational Diary - linked page for available details

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