National and Supranational Member Profiles

The British Society of Paediatric Radiology (BSPR)

The BSPR looks to promote the highest standards of practice of paediatric radiology and imaging in the United Kingdom. It has been developing its trainee section over the last year, in part to match trainees interested in paediatric radiology to the training schemes that fit them best. For the first time, the BSPR ran a separate junior forum at its annual meeting last November and a junior chair has been elected, so there are hopes that these young members of the profession can input into their training requirements rather than simply have people who are already trained tell them what they need!



Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Radiologie e.V. (GPR)


The GPR draws together pediatric radiologists in German speaking countries for the purpose of fostering  neonatal, infant, child and adolescent age-adjusted diagnostic care with special emphasis on quality assurance for all imaging modalities including ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, interventional radiology and radiation protection. It promotes the scientific activities of its members through close cooperation and exchange of experiences with other medical and scientific societies and organisations. To this end it holds annual meetings in conjunction with a training course and has just celebrated its 50th anniversary in Jena, Germany. 

For GPR's chronicle of these 50 years click here. Image: held by Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft e.V.




The Indian Society of Paediatric Radiology (ISPR)


Created in 2003, the ISPR has over 300 members to date. It promotes paediatric radiology in India and hosts regular academic activities and annual meetings. New: click here for an outline and photos of the ISPR's 2013 Annual Meeting held in Ahmedbad, Gujrat, on October 5-6, 2013 under the able leadership of Dr. Harshad Shah (President ISPR), and Dr. Y.T.Patel (Treasurer, ISPR).

Among others, the ISPR is looking for increased opportunities for academically strong and well equipped Indian institutions to participate in  international, multi-centre collaborative research. Individual ISPR physicians are active volunteers in WFPI’s tele-reading, and the ISPR will continue its engagement in child imaging safety through the extended Image Gently/WFPI group. 



The South African Society of Paediatric Imaging (SASPI)


SASPI aims to optimise national paediatric imaging protocols and advance education, research and outreach in paediatric radiology both locally and internationally. South Africa is a leader in imaging in Africa  and many of its members are actively involved in paediatric radiology training at numerous university training sites with facilities housing state-of-the-art equipment. South African radiologists understand the plight of developing countries, having worked in a country with a high burden of infectious disease and under-serviced rural areas. Through SASPI, South Africa is a potential hub for African paediatric radiology activities, has recently spearheaded the founding of the African Society of Paediatric Imaging (AfSPI) and, under Prof Savvas Andronikou's leadership, pioneers the WFPI’s outreach work. Here's some members of SASPI:




 Jaishree Naidoo




Aadil Ahmed

(Vice Chair)



Vicci du Plessis



Savvas Andronikou

  (Past Chair)


Tracy Kilborn

(Co-opted board) 




Harlem Gongxeka




For SASPI member Dr. Tracy Kilborn's work in Malawi for WFPI, July 2014



SASPI outreach: TB and teaching in Swaziland - Dr. Jaishree Naidoo and Mrs. Stella Legoabe, Sept. 2014


SASPI member Dr. Aadil Ahmed also conducted  
outreach work in Palestine, June 2013. WFPI hopes to tele-read for facilities visited in the near future 



Soceidad Española de Radiologia Pediatrica (SERPE)

The Spanish Society for Pediatric Radiology is a section of SERAM (Spanish Society of Medical Radiology ) and ASP (Spanish Association of Pediatrics) and plays an active role in the congresses of both while offering its own national course every other year focusing on different aspects of paediatric radiology, joint radiologist approaches, common pathological paediatrics and radiation risks. The last course took place in Bilbao 2013 during which WFPI was presented, leading to SERPE's membership. It is hoped that international Spanish-speaker ties will be strengthened via the WFPI platform.


SERPE Annual Meeting 2013

Société Francophone d'Imagerie Pédiatrique et Prénatale (SFIPP)

The French-speaking Society for Pediatric and Antenatal Imaging (SFIPP) draws members from French speaking nations in Europe and beyond. It aims to promote all aspects of pediatric radiology with a particular focus on annual meetings, specialist working groups and a rich collection of educational material offered via its website. SFIPP also extends its reach to medically underserved areas. Click here to see its ultrasound education in Rwanda.

Photo: the first course of pediatric ultrasound for general physicians, January 2013, Kigali





The Society of Pediatric Imaging in Nigeria (SPIN)


Inspired by the inception of the African Society of Pediatric Imaging (AfSPI) and the WFPI, Nigeria's pediatric radiologists have come together to form SPIN. Inaugurated in June 2013, SPIN aims to coordinate scientific work and research in paediatric radiology throughout Nigeria and foster the relationship between radiology and clinical paediatric specialties. Its aims will be achieved through workshops and meetings, continuing professional development activities through fellowship training programs, subspecialty accreditation programs, teaching and training of residents, publications in paediatric imaging and other allied journals, web based activities and teacher and student exchange programs. SPIN will attempt to perform outreach activities to benefit its members with needs in paediatric imaging, both in the clinical and educational arena.


SPIN Founding President Omalola Atalabi MD, SPIN Inauguration June 2013, Members of SPIN Executive Committee

Extract from SPIN's application to the WFPI: "We hope that by becoming part of WFPI, we will begin to draw on the wealth of knowledge enshrined in its members who are endowed with great vision and  have deemed it fit to give back to humanity. We also pray that we will use this knowledge to make a palpable impact on imaging of millions of children in need of accurate diagnosis in Nigeria."



National Members / Supranational


British Society of Paediatric Radiology

Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Radiologie e.V. (GPR)

Indian Society of Paediatric Radiology (ISPR)


Soceidad Española de Radiologia Pediatrica (SERPE)

Société Francophone d’Imagerie Pédiatrique et Prénatal (SFIPP)


South African Society of Pediatric Imaging (SASPI)



Society of Pediatric Imaging in Nigeria (SPIN)


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