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  1. E-learning links for pediatric radiology students provided by BSPR. Includes R-ITI (the Radiology - Integrated Training Initiative), an e-learning project developed in collaboration with the UK's Royal College of Radiologists. 
  2. Brazil e-health material: UERJ telehealth Centre and RADPED
  3. ESOR: European School of RadiologyCLICK HERE to access ESOR GALEN e-learning: foundation courses in pediatric radiology
  4. Pediatric Radiology Module from Cleveland clinic


Full Curriculum from the ESR

Pediatric Radiology Segment 





Pediatric Radiology Module from Cleveland clinic


"The Core Curriculum, Pediatric Imaging"  2006 copyright, of ongoing use and relevance so now made available in searchable pdf format - THANK YOU to the authors and publisher. Click here




Research Opportunties

Chest Imaging: Quality Assurance Series

Quality Assurance in Pediatric Chest Imaging
Series from UCLA

Spanish translations: Prof. Goya Enriquez/Dr. Ramon Sanchez
Portuguese translations: Paolas Barros/Marcela Nicoliello/Luiz Eduardo Moraes Osório/Ines Boechat



Part 2 of the UCLA QA series (Questions)


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PEDS Global Health Portal

This is a virtual learning community and resource center for health care workers who are interested in pediatric global health.To become a member of the community, please send an email  to:

CHOP Lectures

Report from Dr. Kassa Darge, Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia, Sept 2015:  Here is a first series of 6 Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) webinars organized in collaboration with the Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA) and the South African Society of Pediatric Imaging (SASPI). The emphasis was placed on pediatric radiology in commemoration of the International Day of Radiology (IDoR) -  dedicated to pediatric radiology in 2015.

The webinars were attended by both residents and practicing radiologists from various parts of South Africa. An average of 59 colleagues attended, with a range from 38-81.  The 1-hour webinars were delivered by CHOP speakers from their offices or homes and timed so as to run early evenings in South Africa. Question and answer sessions followed. 

The recordings of the webinars are available on our Radiology SharePoint, via these links.


Further discussions are going on with SASPI regarding the organization of similar pediatric radiology webinar series in the near future. 

The speakers (Drs. Sudha Anupindi, Janet Reid, Sabah Servaes, Karuna Shekdar and Theresa Victoria) shared their expertise with colleagues in a country with high percentage of pediatric population, but very few pediatric radiologists. They not only carried out an invited international speaking engagement, but represented the Department of Radiology, CHOP, bringing it closer to the South African radiology community.
Thanks also to Prof. Leon J. Van Rensburg from the RSSA, who introduced each of the speakers, Dr. Jaishree Naidoo, President of SASPI and a former CHOP Radiology observer, Dr. Tanyia Pillay, coordinator of the webinar series from the side of SASPI and a former recipient of the CHOP Radiology Soroosh Mahboubi International Fund for Higher Education, and Vicci du Plessis, Secretary of SASPI, for their exemplary collaboration. All the technical arrangements were meticulously handled by Trupti Ghandi (Philadelphia) and Jako Calitz (South Africa), with coordination from Maria Clayton from RSSA. 

CT dose reduction

From the American College of Radiology (ACR)

Expand your knowledge of pediatric CT with this FREE interactive case module

Developed and offered by the ACR, the Child-sizing CT Dose: Optimizing Patient Care through Quality Improvement case provides a 360° overview of the latest concepts and practices in radiation dose monitoring for child CT scans.  Whether you are a general or pediatric radiologist, radiologic technologist or medical physicist, this case-based learning activity will provide you with an inside look at concepts related to radiation risk and the relationship of image quality to patient dose.  And as an added benefit, participants will earn continuing education credits – free of charge.

Important Note:  While there is no charge to participate in this educational activity, for CE credit tracking and reporting purposes you will be redirected to the ACR website to log in (or create a login) and add the free module to your shopping cart for immediate access.

Click here to access the module now 

Special Topics

Imaging of Child Abuse

Radiology of Childhood Abuse: Nandish Shah, Egial Shalaby Rana, Prof. Dorothy Bulas



Common Critical Findings

Safety in Pediatric Imaging


AFROSAFE is a campaign made by PACORI and radiation workers in Africa. Its main objective is to unite with a common goal to identify and address issues arising from radiation protection in medicine in Africa.

Canada Safe Imaging

Canada Safe Imaging has been formed to address this need for a national strategy and action plan as it relates to radiation safety for medical imaging care in Canada.

EuroSafe Imaging
EuroSafe Imaging is the European Society of Radiology’s latest flagship initiative to promote quality and safety in medical imaging. The mission of EuroSafe Imaging is to support and strengthen medical radiation protection across Europe following a holistic, inclusive approach.


The mission of LatinSafe is to promote through education a safe practice of diagnostic imaging in Latin America with emphasis in radioprotection of patients, and to contribute to enhance the awareness of its importance among radiologists, technicians, and other professionals involved in radiology, referring physicians, patients and parents and in the entire community. 



Patriquin Fellowship

Non-North American colleagues!  Would you benefit from attending a future SPR meeting? The Heidi Patriquin Award from the SPR Research and Education Foundation, offsets the cost with funding up to $3,000. Click for details.  Submissions accepted annually until 11/1/ for the SPR meeting to be held the following spring. 
The Heidi Patriquin Awardee for the 2018 SPR meeting: congratulations to Bernadette Wambui Muthee, MD from Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Kenya. 
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